First Impressions Count


Customer service is so important, first impressions do count. Your business may have a dedicated receptionist, or the staff may all pitch in to assist at the front counter. Either way the handling of reception when done correctly and consistently is one of your salons most valuable marketing tools, assisting greatly in;

  • attracting new clients
  • improving client loyalty
  • increasing average spend
  • boosting retail sales

To help your business create the best first impression AustraliaPOS have compiled a list of tips for salon reception.

  1. Give your clients a genuine smile when you greet them and when the leave their appointment.
  2. Use the customer’s first name at the very least when they arrive and leave their appointment.
  3. Be aware of your body language. Keeping arms open, your head up and engaging eye contact makes customers feel welcome and conveys your interest.
  4. Your tone of voice is important. Even if a customer is being less then pleasant and unreasonable maintain a cheerful and positive tone. Anger and sarcasm makes a difficult situation worse and can be overheard by other clients. Remember this applies for the phone as well.
  5. Don’t leave your clients stranded.  If all your staff are busy when a client walks in do acknowledge then. Smile, ask the client to take a seat tell them you will be with them shortly.
  6. Give customers options. If a staff member is not available for a booking on the customers preferred date or time give the customer options not just a No. Suggest available appointment times, maybe another staff member is available or offer to place the customer on a standby appointment list.
  7. Don’t gossip about or criticise other clients with colleagues in front of customers. Its not just unprofessional conduct it leaves customers wondering what you say about them. Also remember you really don’t know who knows who.
  8. Please and Thank You can make a huge difference in how customers react and perceive your business.
  9. Inform customers of the salon systems you have available to assist them. For example the ability to Book Appointments Online, via Facebook or Instagram. All included and easily done with SAM Salon Software.
  10. Re-book appointments efficiently. Try to minimise gaps between appointments for your staff which will improve your salon’s bottom line.
  11. Along with a smile, compliment your customer when they leave their appointment.
  12. Answer calls promptly and have a notepad handy for the times when another staff member may be using your SAM Salon Software. If you have to put a client on hold let them know and thank them waiting when you resume the call. Remember clients can hear a smile in your voice.
  13. For the times when a call cannot be promptly answered make sure your voicemail message advises customers of the option to book appointments on line, via Facebook or Instagram. Contact the AustraliaPOS support team for assistance in setting up Online Bookings.
  14. Your client on the phone is the priority. Need to leave the caller to check something for them? Never put them on hold without asking; simply say, “Would you mind holding a moment?” and always thank the caller for holding when you return.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget
how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

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