SMS Impact Marketing

SMS Impact Marketing connects you directly with your customers, building relationships and increasing revenue.

  • Did you know 90%of SMS Messages are read within 90 seconds?
  • SMS deliver higher open rates (98%) compared to email (22%)
  • Your time is valuable and you can’t afford to have staff waiting for clients to show up. Every empty appointment time, every no show, represents a missed opportunity that is costing your business money.
  • An Automatic SMS Appointment Reminder is the quickest and most effective way to make sure your customers show up when they’re supposed.

SMS Impact Marketing is easy to get started with SAM© and SMS Central and easy to automate in SAM©.

How SMS Impact Marketing can make your bottom line look better.

SAM© Automatic SMS Appointment Reminders

  • Avoid costly no shows and reduce your administration costs.
  • Two way text messaging makes it easy for customers to confirm, or advise of the need to cancel or reschedule appoints appointments, helping you to improve productivity and profitability.

Set and Forget SMS Marketing

  • SAM© Set and Forget SMS Marketing automatically keeps you engaged with your customers, running smoothly in the background.
  • Birthday wishes, progressive marketing campaigns to clients who have not returned and new customer follow up messages are just a few of the SAM© Set and Forget SMS Marketing options.

SMS Marketing and Sales Promotion

  • Send SMS marketing campaigns to all your database or to a selected target group in SAM©.
  • Instantly send special offers to fill empty appointment spots or boost retail sales.
  • Advertise new services and products, in house events or introduce new staff members.
  • Two-Way SMS Marketing is available with SAM©.

SMS Impact Marketing gives you a fast, simple and cost effective way to reach your customers.

Contact the AustraliaPOS Support Team to take full advantage of the SMS Impact Marketing features in SAM©.
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